Ara Ako Begins for 2021

Published on Monday, 21 June 2021, 9:30 a.m. Print Article

Our Ara Ako wānanga started last week with a hiss and a roar, and how lucky are we to be working with three tutors from our local rohe. 
A big shout out to Mauao Adventures, who are running an amazing ara where the tamariki learn to paddle board whilst learning about the stories and history of Tauranga Moana.
A huge thanks to Lacey Bartlett who is a talented raranga artist.
Finally, welcome back for round two - Stu and Marama McDonald and Iritana Te Moana who are running a Ngā toi ara down at their specially designed papa kāinga. We are so grateful to have you all on board sharing your passions and expertise with our tauira.  
The talents of our kaiako are also able to shine through within this programme. Mātua Hira's Ara is called Tū Tauā and involves Six60.  Mātua Darren is running a mekemeke Ara. Did you know that Mātua Darren's father used to be a boxing coach?  As well as this some lucky tauira are learning to cook tōnāti and some are learning about whakarākei tangata.
Our Aras are designed to give our tauira choice in the education. They are also an opportunity to utililise whānau type groupings across our Kāhui Mātaamua. 
Each Friday, the tauira work in an Ara of their choice. Most of these aras are project based and involve practical hands on mahi for our tamariki.