Setting up for Success for using hangarau matihiko

Published on Tuesday, 9 March 2021, 7:31 p.m. Print Article

What do you know about plagiarism and copyright? 

At the moment our Tau 5 and 6 tamariki are learning all about this.  In learning about this we hope to set them up for success right from the beginning by thinking about and using digital media ethically. 

Here are some of the things that they have learnt and shared in our Google Classroom. 

Kayne - "It is when you copy other peoples hard work"
Journey - "When someone gets all the credit when it isn't their work"
Awhina - "It's stealing 
someone's designs"
Keita - "
Plagiarism is when you take other people's work and pretend it's yours so you are taking all their credit and it's not very fair "
Kape - "It's stealing someones hard work"
Raukura - "Plagiarism is when you claim someone's work as your own"
Charis P - "My idea is that 
plagiarism is stealing their plans and achievements"
Jamie-Lee "You steal other peoples work but it is not good
and then you will get 0 points in class when you claim other peoples work"

Waihanea - "Stealing other people work because he can't think of a better story "

Click on the link below to view a simple introductory explaining plagiarism.