Te wharepukapuka

Published on Wednesday, 16 August 2017, 2:57 p.m. Print Article

We went to the Tauranga city library to learn about how the library works and to find out about Tauranga Moana.  We met the librarian.  Her name was Debbie.   She read us the story of  Taratoa, which is about the Battle of Gate Pa. Then she showed us an old old book about Tauranga.  
After that we went upstairs to see the special New Zealand Room,  which contains taonga.
All the books have to stay in this room as some of them are very very old or very very heavy.  In this room you can also find out about your family history.  There are special mircofiche viewers to look at the old records.  We learnt where to find books about local māori  history as well. Heaps of us found our ancestors.