Checking our our Parcel from St Anne's Catholic School in Whanganui.

Otanewainuku celebrates Writing

Published on Friday, 10 March 2017, 6:39 p.m. Print Article

Some of the children in Otanewainuku took part in a nationwide writing challenge this week. 
We shared our ideas with a class of students at St Annes Catholic School in Whanganui. First of all we had to gather statistics about our kura and akomanga. This included things that were important to us, like learning Te Reo Maori and who could waggle their ears and what words we liked the sound of.
We told them that the best thing we liked about where we lived was that we were like a "country school in the middle of a city".  Our fact we shared with them was the longest place name in New Zealand. Do you know what it is? 
Each person had to describe themselves using a metaphor and then we wrote our metaphor on a post card and coloured in the other side to make a giant postcard. 
We sent all of this off to Whanganui and today we got our packet delivered back to us.